Energy Efficient Lighting Savings Calculator

How much could your business save by upgrading your industrial building lighting system?

This LED lighting calculator has been designed by Green Business Light to provide an estimate of the potential savings in lighting energy, carbon dioxide emissions and operating costs when upgrading to LED lighting in warehouses, factories or similar industrial buildings. This lighting savings calculation is based on a typical energy efficient lighting upgrade from High Intensity Discharge (HID) high or low bay fittings to LED. NOTE: Please remember to complete your email details in step 2 to get an emailed summary report. Contact us to arrange a FREE lighting survey, energy savings report and quotation for your business.

Step 1) Try Our Lighting Calculator

Use the sliders below in our lighting savings calculator to get your energy & financial savings estimate:

250 W 400W
25 500 light fixtures
1 24 hours / day
1 365 days / year
5 15 pence / kWh
0 25,000 / year
Electrical Load Savings
Current Lighting kW
Efficient Lighting kW
Lighting Load Reduction %
CO2 Emission Savings
Current Lighting tonnes / year
Efficient Lighting tonnes / year
Reduction in Emissions tonnes / year
Cost Savings
Current Lighting / year
Current Maintenance Costs / year
New Lighting / year
Monthly Savings* / year
Projected 5-Year Savings* / year

* Complete our simple contact form for full details of your lighting savings calculator results. Note - these calculated values are for guidance only - your actual potential savings may vary.

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Energy Saving Warehouse Lighting Services

Do you need better, more efficient lighting in your commercial or industrial building?

Your existing lighting could be wasting thousands of pounds every year, be costly to maintain or even just producing inadequate light for working conditions etc. - we can help!

Established in 2008 - we work across England & Wales as energy saving warehouse lighting installations specialists - we supply & install energy saving LED (Light Emitting Diode) commercial & industrial lighting systems to save your business up to 80% on lighting costs!

Contact us now to:

  • Arrange an FREE, no-obligation lighting survey of your building
  • Find out which of our lighting technologies (e.g. LED) are most suitable
  • Get a quotation for a new lighting system (+ FREE Energy Savings Report)
  • Learn about the financial incentives available (grants, tax relief schemes etc.)
  • Arrange the supply, install & commission of your new energy efficient light system

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Benefits of new lighting

Benefits for your business

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Long lamp life (low maintenance)
  • Improved quality of light
  • Instant full light output
  • We Operate Across the UK
    • North-West of England
    • North-East of England
    • East & West Midlands
    • London & Home Counties
    • South & South-West of England
    • Wales
    We Install & Commission Lighting for
    • Large Commercial Buildings
    • Warehouse & Storage Buildings
    • Factories & Industrial Sites
    • Logistics Depots
    • Cold & Chilled Stores
    • Sports Halls & Exhibition Centres
    Using Latest Lighting Technologies

    We replace 250W/400W sodium halide & fluorescent tube fittings with:

    • LED Technology
    • T5 Fluorescent Tube
    • Induction Lamps
    • Intelligent Control Systems