We Supply & Install Energy Efficient Warehouse LED Lighting Systems Across England & Wales

Save Up To 80-90% Energy With Warehouse LED Lighting - Bright White Light - 10 Year+ Lamp Lifetime - Lower Your Lighting Costs - Warehouse LED Lighting UK

What do we do?

We provide warehouse led lighting installation services across England & Wales - our solutions include installations & replacement of outdated low bay and high bay light fittings

What type of buildings are suitable for LED warehouse lighting solutions?

This can include (but not limited to):

  • Standard wide aisle warehouse storage facilities
  • Modern VNA racking warehouses
  • Large logistics and distribution centres

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Energy Saving LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Services

1 Do you need better, more efficient lighting in your commercial or industrial building?

Your existing lighting could be wasting your business many thousands of pounds every year, be difficult to maintain, or even produce inadequate light for your working conditions.

2 We install LED lighting systems across England & Wales!

Established in 2008 - we work across England & Wales as energy saving LED warehouse lighting installation specialists - we supply & install energy saving LED (Light Emitting Diode) & other commercial & industrial lighting systems to save your business up to 80 % on lighting energy costs!

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Green Business Light are a led warehouse lighting installation company
Benefits of new lighting

Benefits for your business

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Long lamp life (low maintenance)
  • Improved quality of light
  • Instant full light output
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    We Operate Across the UK
    • North-West of England
    • North-East of England
    • East & West Midlands
    • London & Home Counties
    • South & South-West of England
    • Wales
    We Install & Commission Lighting for
    • Large Commercial Buildings
    • Warehouse & Storage Buildings
    • Factories & Industrial Sites
    • Logistics Depots
    • Cold & Chilled Stores
    • Sports Halls & Exhibition Centres
    Using Latest Lighting Technologies

    We replace 250W/400W sodium halide & fluorescent tube fittings with:

    • LED Technology
    • T5 Fluorescent Tube
    • Induction Lamps
    • Intelligent Control Systems

    Our Frequently Asked Questions

    Some notes on selecting LED lighting for a warehouse…

    When considering the use of LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) as an energy saving lighting technology in warehouses there are some key questions any led warehouse lighting installer should ask:

    • Is the warehouse a clean or dusty environment? - This is important as some LED fittings can suffer from build up of debris on the back of the aluminium heat-sinks
    • How busy is the warehouse? - LED lighting can be automatically dimmed/switched in response to occupancy of the aisles
    • Does the warehouse have good access to daylight (via sky-panels in the roof etc.)? - like presence detection controls, LED lights can be programmed to automatically adjust in response to daylight. A warehouse LED lighting installer should be able to design a lighting system around how the building works to maximise efficiency
    • Is it difficult to access light fittings? - due to racking or heights the light fittings can be difficult to reach which means maintenance costs can be significant. LED lighting has a very long lifetime in comparison to other lighting technologies
    • Are there issues with existing dark areas? - LED lighting can be particularly suitable for warehouses as the light can be directed where required (between aisles and on sides of racking) and not wasted. A LED warehouse lighting contractor should be able to offer a range of fittings with a range of beam angles

    Green Business Light provides a complete LED lighting system supply and installation service for warehouse buildings - contact us now to arrange a lighting survey and quotation…