We Install Energy Efficient Lighting Systems In Factory & Industrial Buildings

Save Up To 80-90% Energy - Bright White Light - 10 Year+ Lamp Lifetime - Lower Your Lighting Costs

What do we do?

We supply & install energy saving lighting systems for industrial buildings across the UK.

Why use our industrial lighting installation services?

  • Since 2008 we have delivered turnkey factory lighting design, supply & installations across England & Wales
  • From our FREE lighting survey & energy report to our in-house installation - we provide a professional service
  • With state-of-the-art LED technology to intelligent controls - you can rely on our industrial lighting solutions

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Our Energy Saving Factory Lighting Services - Design - Supply - Install

Do you need better, more efficient lighting in your commercial or industrial building?

Your existing lighting could be wasting thousands of pounds every year, be costly to maintain or even just producing inadequate light for working conditions etc. - we can help!

Established in 2008 - we work across England & Wales as energy saving factory lighting installation specialists - we supply & install energy saving LED (Light Emitting Diode) commercial & industrial lighting systems to save your business up to 80% on lighting costs!

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  • Arrange an FREE, no-obligation lighting survey of your building
  • Find out which of our lighting technologies (e.g. LED) are most suitable
  • Get a quotation for a new lighting system (+ FREE Energy Savings Report)
  • Learn about the financial incentives available (grants, tax relief schemes etc.)
  • Arrange the supply, install & commission of your new energy efficient light system

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We Work Across: East Midlands, North-East, North West, Yorkshire, South East, South West, Midlands, Yorkshire, London, Wales
Benefits of new lighting

Benefits for your business

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Long lamp life (low maintenance)
  • Improved quality of light
  • Instant full light output
  • We Operate Across the UK
    • North-West of England
    • North-East of England
    • East & West Midlands
    • London & Home Counties
    • South & South-West of England
    • Wales
    We Install & Commission Lighting for
    • Large Commercial Buildings
    • Warehouse & Storage Buildings
    • Factories & Industrial Sites
    • Logistics Depots
    • Cold & Chilled Stores
    • Sports Halls & Exhibition Centres
    Using Latest Lighting Technologies

    We replace 250W/400W sodium halide & fluorescent tube fittings with:

    • LED Technology
    • T5 Fluorescent Tube
    • Induction Lamps
    • Intelligent Control Systems

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    Some notes on selecting energy efficient factory lighting contractors

    If you are considering installing energy saving industrial lighting technology in a factory building (including the latest industrial LED lighting fittings - Light Emitting Diodes) there are some key questions to ask of any factory lighting contractor:

    • Does the factory undertake industrial processes which cause the generation of dust and debris in the environment? Or possible involve hazardous and corrosive chemical deposits? This is important to know as some new energy efficient factory lighting solutions (such as LED high bay and low bay industrial lighting fittings) can suffer from build up of debris on their heat-sinks which need to be clear to continue to function properly. Well designed industrial lighting systems will use the correct IP rating on the low or high bay factory lighting fittings
    • Does factory have high occupancy? - Some energy saving factory lighting systems can be automatically dimmed/switched in response to occupancy (PIR and microwave presence detection). Factory lighting installers who have the latest energy efficient automatically controlled industrial lighting systems can program these for additional energy savings
    • Does the factory have access to daylight via sky-panels and windows)?. Much like presence detection controls, modern factory lighting systems can be programmed to automatically adjust their output in response to the available daylight. A factory lighting survey can flag up the possibility of using this free lighting in advance of the specification of any industrial lighting system.
    • The height the existing factory light fittings? - factory buildings tend to be large and as such the industrial low and high bay light fittings (usually using 250 Watt or 400 Watt sodium or metal halide lamps) can be difficult to reach (requiring hiring a scissor lift or cherry picker). New energy efficient industrial lighting systems (such as LED lighting and induction lighting have very long lamp lifetimes - if maintenance is an issue on your factory building then these industrial lights should be specified by your electrical contractor when undertaking an industrial lighting installation
    • A good factory lighting installation contractor should be able to flag up issues with uneven light distribution from existing industrial lighting systems (such as dim areas or inadequate lux levels for the work taking place in the factory)

    Green Business Light provides a complete industrial lighting survey and factory lighting installation service for businesses across the UK - contact us now to arrange a lighting survey and quotation…